Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Snapshots - Some Christmas Traditions

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 I have another amaryllis this year. This one was a gift from my DIL's mother, when she left SD and moved to Arizona. It wanted to bloom early, so I put it in my front window. We are watching it change every day. This is from above on Tuesday!(edited the 2nd of Dec)
 Two days later,Thursday,(the 4th) one bloom is open and the other is ready to bloom.

 Today( Dec 5th) it looks like this.
A close up of  "Scarlet Joy" name, not the grower. Isn't it stunning.

Ready for a Christmas read and my favorite NOEL ( do you get it?) mug with tea. It is sitting on a Quilt As You Go place mat I made several years ago.

Are you taking time for yourself this holiday season? Hope you are!

Until next time,
Stay Busy and Stay Happy

ps: this is the post I forgot to post last Saturday the 5th. Today all four blooms are open, in fact the first one is starting to fade. There is another bloom stem on this bulb, so I should get another couple of blooms before Christmas. They are fun to watch grow and bloom, but they don't stay around very long.


  1. I have never had an amaryllis but am amazed by them. They grow so fast. Anne's Snapshot Saturday

  2. Such a lovely flower, and I've never had one either....the color alone makes me want one! Your book and mug of tea look tempting, too.


  3. What an amazing bloomer! Beautiful time-delayed captures too :-)

  4. I grew an amaryllis last year. Love the photos of yours.

  5. I have only seen those flowers in floral arrangements. They look cool and i like the time lapse thing that you did with it.

    Happy Holidays!
    Sean @ His and Her Hobbies