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Yellow Crocus - a story worth telling

This is my 14th entry to the 2014 Ebook Reading Challenge. Hosted by Sarah at  Workaday Reads.

Yellow CrocusYellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've given 5 stars to a lot of books lately. Maybe I should be more selective, but they are all really good.

The first paragraph drew me in. I already felt bad for Mattie. How could the plantation owner expect her to just leave her own baby, to be the wet nurse to their new daughter? How could the Missus not want to hold and nurse her own child?

Elizabeth attaches quickly  to her nurse, preferring Mattie to her own mother. Mattie keeps an eye on her own son by watching out the window of the nursery. Luckily, because the quarters are close, when Lisbeth is finally old enough to be without Mattie for a few hours, Mattie is allowed to visit Samuel, and keep a relationship with him as he grows.

As Mattie transitions into becoming Lisbeth's maid, Lisbeth changes. As she grows into a young woman and then becomes betrothed, she ponders the way of her life. A disturbing event makes her really consider her future and she makes a courageous decision.

I really enjoyed the storytelling in this book. I hope Laila  Ibrahim writes again.

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