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Traveling With Pomegranates

Sue is almost 50. She is struggling with where her life will lead her now. She sees in herself a relationship to Mary, mother of Jesus.
Ann is 22. Graduating from college she thought her life would be to attend graduate school then teach Greek history. She was enamored by the thought of Greece, the connection she felt to Athena.
Sue and Ann are mother and daughter, and this memoir is told from both their perspectives. The chapters are titled either Sue or Ann and where the memories are taking place. Athens, Paris, North Carolina.
I am enjoying this book.

Traveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter StoryTraveling With Pomegranates: A Mother-Daughter Story by Sue Monk Kidd
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As I was coming to the end of this book, I was thinking about what I would say here. How I would explain or try to relate to others what this book said to me. I am not sure if I am able to do that.

Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann, traveled together numerous times, to Greece, Italy, France and other places along the way. They each were struggling. Each with a individual journey. But as they traveled, took note of places and mythology associated with those places, and wrote in their own individual journals, each of them discovered a coming together in this mother-daughter story.

Ann was struggling with becoming 50 and what direction her writing was going to take. She kept coming back to a short story about bees in a wall. Ann, thought she wanted to attend graduate school and teach ancient Greek history. Her rejection letter to the school of her choice, left her floundering with no idea of what she would do now.

Both women write in a wonderful lyric style. It is beautiful to read and breathtaking to "listen to". I am a fan and I must admit Sue Monk Kidd is my new favorite author and I hope Ann Kidd Taylor writes more, so that I can say that about her.

I have only one small regret. That is that I wish I could listen to my inner self, listen to my dreams and come to a contemplative,spiritual calm with myself and I wish the same for my daughter. We do not have the kind of relationship that Sue and Ann have, but I wish that we did.

This is a book that I will read again and again.

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  1. Making a note of this one after reading this wonderful post. I have two daughters of my own, have long passed the 50 mark. This one may make good contemplative reading for me.