Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gift of a Quilt

Quilt Chicks 2014 Let's Finish It Challenge!

Several weeks ago, I posted about a quilt I was making for a challenge for a quilting group I belong to. Well, last Sunday I showed it and completed the challenge. I promised to show it to you.

 This is a close up. It was a mystery quilt when I started it. That means I did not know what the pattern would look like until it was complete. I mixed up the medium and dark fabrics as I completed the inside blocks. Can you see my mistake?  The print that reads brown should have gone all the way on the diagonal. But instead I used the wine colored fabric in the squares in the middle of the large block. Oh well, it was a mystery and now it is a miracle, because it works anyway.

Jacob's Miracle   11-2004 to 11-2014  10 years Cancer Free

 I named the quilt for my oldest nephew, my older brother's son. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor 10 years ago and celebrates his 10 year cancer-free anniversary this month. He is 33, married and the father of two beautiful girls, 5 years and 9 months. This will be an anniversary gift for him.

It is a lap sized quilt and I hope he knows it is given in the place of the hugs I cannot give him in person. He lives in Minneapolis MN and I am in Wyoming. My brother and sister-in-law will take it to him when they go there for Thanksgiving.

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  1. Lovely Judy and what a beautiful reason to celebrate.the 10 years.

  2. Beautiful quilt! What a wonderful way to celebrate your nephew's life!