Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday 10/29/14

Every Wednesday, Kathy at Bermudaonion's Weblog host this wonderful meme to showcase words we encounter in our reading. Join us and tell us about words you discovered.

from Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls

"His handwriting was elegant, if a little spidery, and his sentences were long and extravagant, filled with words like "mendacious" and "abscond".

Mendacious : adjective

: not honest : likely to tell lies
: based on lies

The sentence in which mendacious was used gave me no clue as to its meaning. I knew abscond but needed to look up mendacious.

"Cowboys who could ride anything, caught them and ran them on fear, spurring and quirting them too hard, taking pride in staying on no matter how desperately they bucked and fishtailed.

quirt : transitive verb

:to strike or drive with a quirt

        quirt: noun  - a riding whip with a short handle and a rawhide leash.

I thought I knew that the word whipping could be substituted here, but the word was unfamiliar to me.

from beth's book-nook blog. 10/25/14 - her Saturday Snapshot post. She is involved in a local theatrical production

"Wish me break a leg as this is our final weekend (and we are being adjudicated)."

adjudicated:  transitive verb

: to settle judicially

     intransitive verb

: to act as judge

I should have been able to discern the meaning because it sounds like "judicial". But I looked it up to confirm. 

Have you come across any word you did not know or were unsure of?  

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  1. Boy did I have mendacious wrong - I thought it meant wise.

  2. I've featured mendacious and abscond for WWW too- and happily I still remember them. I missed quirting though, so thank you. I still haven't finished Half Broke Horses; although the main character is strong and interesting, I like more of a story. How did you like it?

  3. Quirting, that's a new one, I quite like the sound not sure if I'd use it.

  4. I loved this book. (I think I've already told you that.) In addition to a great story and great characters, it was a great source for my Wondrous Words posts. lol