Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Snapshots 10/18/14

 Join us at Melinda's blog, West Metro Mommy Reads to share your photos. There are only a few rules. They must by taken by you or a family member, not a random internet picture and they must be suitable for all eyes. So please join us.

Last Monday my DH brought me this small bouquet of fall leaves he picked up while walking the dog. In Wyoming we don't have lots of trees, or lots of colorful leaves, but he heard me say how I like the dark red or purple leaves. When you have been married 50 years, your "love language" changes. So I take these small gestures as proof that he listens to me, and he thinks of me. That may sound a bit "schmaltzy" but it is important to make note of your partner's way of showing the he/she cares.

Also, I think I shared this photo last year about this time. But it makes me smile, and 'tis the season.

So Drop In For A Spell and share your photos taken recently or not so recently.

Until next time
Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Such a sweet husband! You're right -- we have to be aware of the small gestures that say "I love you" in an indirect way. Thanks for that reminder (and for the photos).
    My Saturday Snapshots are from the Cinque Terre.

  2. I agree a very sweet husband. Lovely selection of leaves and I love the photo.