Monday, October 6, 2014

Review: Dream New Dreams by Jai Pausch

I just finished this book this afternoon. I read most of the afternoon away. That is a treat for me, I normally feel pulled in different " but first, I have to ....." directions.  I first put this book on my TBR list, shortly after I read Randy Pausch's  The Last Lecture. I don't know why I put off reading Jai's book until now.  I am sharing my review as I posted it to Goodreads.


Dream New Dreams: Reimagining My Life After LossDream New Dreams: Reimagining My Life After Loss by Jai Pausch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I could not put it down.

As a cancer survivor myself, I now know that the role of caregiver is a difficult one. In reading Jai Pausch's memoir I relived my cancer treatment journey.

In a lot of respect's Jai's journey was atypical. She had a strong husband, who had an amazing ability to set the stage for her and her children. They had plenty of financial stability, they had strong family and friend support, they had opportunities and options because of Randy Pausch's notoriety. That being said, I don't mean to downplay her grief, or her fear in raising her children.  She still had to face her alone demons all alone. And she shared what worked for her, thereby giving others at least the opportunity to consider an idea.

I enjoyed her book very much. I am glad she is dreaming new dreams, and I am glad she is giving back to the community that supported her.


In closing, I only have a few other comments. Jai's book is not necessarily written chronologically. Basically it is, but in each chapter to goes back to talking about Randy and his cancer fight and then discusses her dealing with that part of their lives. It was a little disconcerting at first.  But I think she intended to put her life into specific chapters and ideas, ie Shattered Dreams, Cancer Blindsides Us Again, Talking to Children about Cancer and Death. In each of these chapters she relives the parts of their lives that comprise these ideas.

I do recommend it to all. One in three of us will experience cancer somehow. That means we may very well be a patient or a caregiver. I helps to know that we are not alone and that there are a myriad of ways to battle this awful disease.

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