Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday 8-27

Kathy at BermudaOnion's Weblog gives us the opportunity to share wondrous words that we have encountered in our reading or to share words we are particularly fond of. If you wish to join us, link up your wondrous words at BermudaOnion's Weblog and to quote another blogger, "get wordy with us".

This week I am listening to the audible version of The Invention of Wings  by Sue Monk Kidd. There are some interesting words used, but they are hard for me to make note of because I am listening and can't go back to the written word for spelling etc. I did catch one word though,

crenulated- noun    Sarah is speaking about "crenulated clouds".

Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines crenulated as : having an irregularly wavy or serrate outline

Also this week I was reading several blogs that shared the first paragraph of their current read and ran across this word quotidian. 
 It means:
1. occuring every day
2. belonging to each day or commonplace, ordinary.

Joann at Lakeside Musings was sharing about her current read, Why I Read: The Serious Pleasure of Books by Wendy Lesser.

 From the Goodreads summary :
"As she examines these works from such perspectives as 'Character and Plot,' 'Grandeur and Intimacy,' and 'Authority,' Why I Read sparks an overwhelming desire to put aside quotidian tasks in favor of reading.

and this one:  oligarchy   a government structure where a small and elite group have power

Sarah at Sarah's Book Shelves was sharing her current read, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer and the plot summary from Amazon.
"Three young adults grapple with the usual thirty-something problems- boredom, authenticity, and omnipotent online oligarchy - in David Shafer's darkly comic debut novel"

These words were all unfamiliar to me, but I am going to try to use them in my quotidian speech in the coming week. How about you, did you come across any new and unusual words?

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  1. I have heard crenulated used with regard to architecture, nice to see it in use in general descriptive terms. I have come across oligarchy and quotidian, although I was unsure of the meaning of the latter word.

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  3. I knew I heard crenulated before - thanks to Jane for helping me out. I've never heard of quotidian, but it seems useful. Thanks!

  4. I like how the writer used quotidian. I wasn't sure I could fit it into my regular vocabulary, but then you gave a nice example at the end of your post. Thanks.

  5. I knew crenulated but not the others.

  6. Have seen the words. Didn't know the definitions.