Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Driving Lesson : What's In A Name 2014 - Bonus

The Driving LessonThe Driving Lesson by Ben Rehder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I did not know what to expect after the first paragraph. But it turned out to be a wonderful coming of age story about a grandparent and his 14 year old grandson.

Charlie Dunbar is the only son of Glen and Sarah Dunbar. Charlie is what I would call a typical 14 year old. He knows right from wrong, but he can be "bullied" into making a wrong choice by someone calling him names. So starts the journey of Charlie and his Opa.

As they travel across country from Abilene TX to Seattle WA and stops in between, Charlie "Bud" and his grandfather learn to trust each other, learn to be honest with each other and generally have a great time.

This story touched me. I am a grandparent. I wonder if I would have made the choice Charlie's grandfather made if my diagnosis had been terminal? Would I have been brave enough to share with a young, almost adult grandchild. I doubt it. This is a great story. I cried, I laughed and shook my head in amazement. I recommend it for all.

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