Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 8-4-14

Every Monday, Sheila at Book Journey hosts a weekly meme that allows us a place to showcase the books were are currently reading or plan to read soon. It also gives us an opportunity to check in to see what others are reading. Join us and share your current reads.  Warning though!  It will add to your want-to-read list!

This week I am reading
Toni Rodden has escaped a life of prostitution and vows she'll never let a man control her again. After months on the wagon train, she's finally earned her place, albeit grudgingly from some, and has found a surrogate family in Fannie Caldwell and her two siblings. For the first time she can taste freedom and the possibilities of a new life. But as Fannie prepares to marry wagon master Blake Tanner, Toni realizes how alone she is and questions whether she'll ever find acceptance, or true love.

Despite Toni's conviction that no man will be able to see beyond her marred past, Sam Two-Feathers, the half-Indian wagon scout and acting preacher for the train, seems to know of a love that forgives sins and values much more than outward appearances. Will Sam have the confidence to declare his love? Will Toni be able to trust in a love that can forgive even the darkest past?

So far, it reminds me of One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus.  Cheyenne Indians, Wagon Train, "soiled dove" woman afraid of being given to the savages!  I picked this book from the clearance rack at our local bookstore and did not realize is was #2 in a series. I hope it is a stand alone story, if not I will have to stop until I can read #1   Defiant Heart. I'm a bit OCD about that!  :)

I hope also to read on my Kindle :   The Driving Lesson by Ben Rehder. It will help complete the What's In A Name 2014 challenge.  Check out that challenge now being sponsored by Charlie at The Worm Hole.  
Charlie Dunbar had big plans for the summer break, but becoming a fugitive was nowhere on the list. Even more unexpected, his partner in crime is his own ailing grandfather. Now they're on the run, trying to make it across the country to see a special kind of doctor, while the world becomes mesmerized by their journey. They are the subject of heated debates on cable news channels. Thousands of people voice their support on Facebook fan pages. And Charlie's own parents appear on live TV to plead for him to come home safely. But Charlie isn't ready yet. He's determined to get his grandfather to Seattle. The only question is, will the police stop him first? **Recommended for ages 13 to adult.**

I finally finished listening to The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It was 32 hours on my Kindle. About half way through it became a real chore. I loved the beginning, and the ending was beautifully written . The whole book was written well, but it was too too long in my opinion. 

I also finished The Potting Shed Quilt by Ann Hazelwood.  I liked this cozy mystery story, but the writing was a real distraction. What a contrast between these two books!

This last week was a bit quite in our house. Our granddaughter and her husband and baby son, finally were able to move into their house. I miss the activity and the happy baby smiles and noises. But that being said, I was able to finish a table runner and placemats that I have been making for our son and DIL. I participate in a quilting challenge too. I know I know!  Crazy, right?  Anyway, my quilting group has an annual challenge where we sign up to commit to to complete 6 previously unfinished projects. We donate 6  $1 bills to a pot and then if we complete our selected project for the current 2 month period, we get the dollar back. If we fail, the dollar get donated to the "kitty" and at the end of the year we will draw from the collection of names of those who finished.  Not big bucks, but the challenge is in  the peer pressure to complete not the money involved. It has been fun and most of us have gotten our projects out of the UFO box and completed. A really good feeling!

Until next time
Stay Busy and Stay Happy