Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Secret Life of Bees The Movie

I finished the book last week and decided I wanted to see the movie. I checked with our library and they do not have it. It is in the inter-library loan system.  I mentioned to my granddaughter, they were living with us up until Sunday night, that I wanted to see it. She looked on Netflix and I think HULU, but did not find it. We checked the one store in our town to rent it. They only had it to buy, so I splurged the $12.00 and bought it. Friday night she and I watched it. We had an almost girls night. Her husband, my husband and her dad left Friday morning with 3 vehicles and trailers in tow, to drive to Ft Collins CO to pick  up the rest of their furniture and belongings. They have moved to our town and have been renovating a house. We did have baby great grandson, but he went to bed early so we watched the movie.                                                  

Anyway, back to the movie. Both of us enjoyed it very much. I don't know how you can go wrong with Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Sophie Okonedo. Queen Latifah was wonderful as August Boatwright, and Jennifer Hudson was really good as Rosaleen Daise.   I thought it followed the book really well, but of course I loved the book more. The detail was better in the book, as always. I will recommend the movie to others and share it ( now that I own it) but I will encourage others to read the book too!

If you haven't read the book, I urge you to do so. If you haven't seen the movie I encourage you to try to secure a copy. Both remind us of a more tumultuous time in our history and show us that real love, honest love knows no boundaries.

I am really looking forward to reading Sue Monk Kidd's new novel, The Invention of Wings. It is the first read for my F2F book club when we meet again in the fall.

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Stay Busy and Stay Happy

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