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Review: Peony in Love by Lisa See

This challenge is hosted by Charlie The Wormhole. You can check it out at her blog and click on the image on the right hand side. This fulfills the #4 item in the challenge, a title with a forename or names in the title. I am going to try for the bonus, of a title with a school subject in the title.  Hmmmmmm?

Peony in LovePeony in Love by Lisa See
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Chen Tong (Peony) is a 16 yr old maiden, the only child of privileged couple. As she celebrates her 16th birthday she is already betrothed to a man she has never met. As all girls her age, she is in love with the idea of romantic love. She knows that because her marriage in imminent and arranged she will never know real romantic love. This thought is enhanced by the popular opera The Peony Pavilion, which tell the story of forbidden love between Liu Mengmei, an impoverished scholar and Du Liniag, a beautiful maiden he meets in a dream.

As Peony reads the opera she is mesmerized. Later in the Chen Family Villa's garden she watches the opera through a screen separating the women from the rest of the opera goers. As she watches eyes land on the profile of a handsome elegant young man and she in instantly enthralled.

The story explores the journey of love and destiny, desire and sorrow, the living world and the after world.

This is a beautiful tale that sort of sneaked up on me.At first I wasn't sure if I liked the spoiled privileged young Peony. But as the story progresses, I was caught up in her journey into the three realms of Chinese lore. Several times I had to stop,close the book and just give it time to sink in. Although I didn't want to put the book down, I had to pause to digest and savor the story.

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  1. Sounds idealistic but the writing seems very good.