Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday 5-14-14

Wondrous Words Wednesday is hosted by Kathy at BermudaOnion's Weblog. It is a place to share new or interesting words you have discovered in your reading. Or a place to highlight words you like from other places. Join us at Kathy's blog and link your post about new and interesting words.

Last week I promised to share some more words from The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard.
I finished the book and before returning it to the library I noted these words.

1.        He thought at first that it was a non sequitur. "I sold Billy's truck. Just before he got home. I haven't                 told  him yet."
The term non sequitur refers to a conclusion that is not aligned with previous premise or evidence. A statement that is labeled as non sequitur is one that is not logical.

In the whole context of the paragraph and the entire chapter, this word makes sense. I needed to look up the word as it was unfamiliar to me.

2.      The vet sounded surprised, not at the stupid behavior of human beings who would throw burning butts            onto dry grass, but at Hugh-Jay's high dudgeon about it.

noun:  anger or resentment: now chiefly in the phrase, very angry, offended or resentful.

This word was also new to me. It fits the story well.

3.        She tossed the execrable coffee onto the ground and hurried back inside.

adjective:  the definition of execrable is something extremely unpleasant or of poor quality.

This word I could define based on the use in the sentence, but I looked it up online to hear it pronounced.

Did you discover new words this week?

I had intended to post this last Wednesday.  But life gets in the way, and as I was leaving for a quilt retreat about 1 1/2  hours from home, it started to snow, so I left earlier than I had originally planned.. I was there Wednesday  through Sunday. There was limited internet access at this remote old hunting lodge, but we had great fun. There were 20 of us, sewing up a storm, laughing, sharing and of course eating. I did not get any pictures, but maybe if our two historians post some pictures later I can share them.

Until next time
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  1. I think I've heard non sequitur used in political commentary and when I see the definition, I can understand why. Great words today!

  2. I remember my 12th grade English teacher introducing me to the term non-sequitur after someone made a confusing comment in class. Thank you Mrs. Reynolds. And wow, snow in May last week? You must live up north. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dudgeon sort of reminds me of the word dungeon, but certainly not the same meaning.

  4. I also found the word dudgeon and its definition interesting. Your quilt retreat sounds like loads of fun. I love quilting but don't do it much anymore. I'd love seeing some of your pictures.

  5. I have come across non sequitur and execrable.

  6. I knew these words this week, but would have struggled to give a definition without their contexts above :-)
    I also have no idea how to pronounce execrable!

  7. I've seen execrable time and time again. Never knew the meaning. Thanks.