Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday a blog word and more from The Land of the Painted Caves

Hosted by Kathy at BermudaOnion's Weblog , Wondrous Words Wednesday is one of my favorite weekly memes. It gives me a chance to learn new words, to explore new titles and most of all to share with others. Join us. Just hop on over to Kathy's blog, grab her button, create a post with your new words for the week and link up with Mister Linky back on Kathy's blog.

griot ~ noun.  \gre-o\    : any of a class of musician-entertainers from Western Africa whose performances include tribal histories and genealogies;  broadly: storyteller   Origin:  French

This word was discovered while reading a review of The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating by Carole Radziwill on BookNAround.

Other words in my reading this week:   The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel

numinous - adj.  having a mysterious, holy or spiritual quality.

describing the character's vision of the painted caves. "It was a very enigmatic, spiritual numinous and it gave Ayla a chill."

I could have guessed at the meaning, but I looked it up to be sure.

bumptious - adj.  proud or confident in a loud and rude way that annoys other people.

"She did, however, like the attentions she was getting from all the young men, both the young hunters and Willamar's apprentices, though the traders did back off when she was surrounded by all of the rather bumptious youths.

calcareous - adj   a)   resembling calcite or calcium carbonate, especially in hardness.
                           b)   growing on limestone or in soil impregnated with lime.

"The cave was high above the river valley floor, and reasonably dry inside, but it was calcareous rock, which was naturally porous, and water saturated with calcium carbonate constantly seeped though it."

I was pretty sure I knew what this word was describing. I have visited several caves in the Black Hills of So Dakota, so I am familiar with stalagmites and stalacites.

All these definitions come from Merriam Webster online dictionary.

I am almost finished with this book. (828 pages), so I may go on to a faster, easier read and then probably won't find nearly as many interesting words.


  1. Great minds think alike! I love bumptious - it sounds like what it means!

  2. I can't wait to use bumptious- lots of fodder for that word while observing the behavior of middle school students!

  3. Interesting words! Numinous sounded familiar and I should know it, but I'm not positive that I did.

  4. I llke that you and Kathy found the same word in two different books. I don't think I'm going to forget this one.

  5. I like bumptious -- I know exactly that phase of youth from the definition!

  6. Bumptious is a good word, you don't forget.

  7. Griot, I came across that word recently. Bumptious is a well used term but the other two words are completely new to me.