Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday - The Telling Room

Every week Diane at Bermudaonion's Weblog gives us a place to share the new or interesting words that we have discovered on our reading. You can link up at her blog and then see all the other words your fellow readers are encountering. Join us. New words are the best part of reading.

These words came from The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge and The World's Greatest Piece of Cheese by Michael Paterniti.

doppelganger - noun    looks like someone else; a ghost that looks like a living person

"Having seen Julian so completely as a doppelganger, Ambrosio lost his bearings."

I have seen this word used a lot in books and articles lately, and was not sure of the meaning. Glad I took the time to look it up.

alcazar - noun    Spanish fortress or palace

" May 1358-and Seville appears beyond the alcazar window, a city of orange blossoms and incense wafting on benevolent breezes, an oasis of abundance in comparison to the harsh Meseta."

A drawing of an alcazar from Webster's dictionary. 

 nogales - 1) walnut  2) Mexico- pecan trees.

"Nearby, sunflowers burst their yellow petals; a small hill rose with an ancient stand of majestic nogales trees."

I was excited to see this word. In our early years of marriage, my husband and I and our two children lived in Nogales AZ on the border to Mexico, while my husband worked in an electronic plant teaching the young Mexican men to machine their own tools.  I was told then that Nogales was named for the pecan trees that were prolific there. I had to go to the Spanish Central part of  the Merriam Websters online dictionary to verify.

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  1. I've seen doppelganger quite a bit too and thought I knew what it meant. I was close but not quite right. Thanks for enlightening me!

    1. I enjoy the meme so much, thanks for hosting it.

  2. I looked doppelganger up at some point, probably when I read the book by Marie Brennan with that title -- it was later republished under a different title, so apparently we weren't the only people who had to look it up. Your other words were new to me -- thanks! Although I've heard of Nogales, AZ!

  3. I thought doppelganger meant "twin", so I'm glad you clarified for me.

  4. Alcazar was new to me out of your three. Now I wonder where I could to see a Spanish fortress.

    1. Maybe we need to go to Spain! The author of The Telling Room, visited there several times while researching his story.