Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday in Audio!!

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Kathy at  BermudaOnion's Weblog. It is a chance to share and celebrate words we find in our daily reading. Want to play along, hop on over to Kathy's blog and link your post to Mr Linky. See you there!

I am still listening to the audible version of The Goldfinch. Listening to audio books is great, but hard to make note of words that sound unfamiliar to me, or to check on a word that I am not sure of the definition. Usually I am doing some other task while listening, without pen and paper at hand,  and then I am not sure of the spelling.

Such is the case with the word desultory.  When I heard it, I knew is was a wondrous word example, but  I did not know how to spell it. I took a chance and went to YourDictionary . I typed in deseltory, not sure of the spelling. Finally the definition appeared with the correct spelling, desultory.

  1. The definition of desultory is something, someone or a conversation with no plan or purpose that wanders from one thing to the next.
    1. An example of desultory is wandering around and not knowing where you are going.
    2. An example of desultory is a conversation that doesn't flow well.

I haven't been able to find the exact sentence in the backtracking in the audio, but Theo was remarking about the desultory standards of the new school he was attending in Las Vegas.

I'll try to keep a pen and paper at hand as I continue, to note other words as they come up. I am enjoying listening to this story, though I am hearing and reading lots of negative.

Hope you all had a wondrous week finding lots of wondrous words to share. I am going to visit all the blogs listed on the Mr Linky page.

Until next time,
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  1. My grasp of this word was a little vague, I admit, but I thought of it as kind of "meandery," (if THAT'S even a word!), and I guess I was pretty close.

  2. I think it's tough to get words out of audios! I thought desultory had a darker meaning than that.

  3. I have the same problem with audiobooks and new-to-me words. I LOVE the ability to "read" a book while getting various chores done. I thought you did a great job of finding the definition and spelling of the word. Desultory is new to me too.

  4. I thought desultory meant boring; thanks for clearing that up! Do you recommend the audible version of "Goldfinch"?

  5. This is a new to me word. I imagine it would be very hard to figure out the correct spelling of a new to you word through an audio book.

  6. I'm with Julia, I thought desultory meant boring or lazy -- I've usually seen it in the phrase "a desultory summer afternoon." It's good to have a better understanding of that phrase -- less about boredom and more about an aimless conversation.

  7. I have always liked that word - I picture someone just dragging their fingers aimlessly through the water on a sunny day when I hear it.