Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Sugar Queen - What's In A Name 2014 #2

The Sugar Queen
Sarah Addison Allen
Bantam Books
June 2008

Josey Cirrini
Chloe Finley
Della Lee Baker

Josey Carrini is 27 years old and know these 3 things for sure: winter is her favorite season, a Southern belle she isn't and sweets are best when eaten in private, in her secret closet.  Josey is content, sort of, with her life in her mother's house, being at her mother's beck and call. After all, she is obligated after being such a brat as a child.  All that changes after retreating to her room one night to console herself with hidden treats and paperback romances, when she finds local waitress Della Lee Baker hiding in her closet.

At Della Lee's urging, she slowly is giving up on caramels and moon pies, and meets Chloe Finley, who makes the best sandwiches in town. Chloe has a secret too. Books keep finding her and she has a tie to  Josey's longtime crush, Adam the mailman.

On the surface this seems like a sticky sweet fairy tale of a story. But I liked it!. Josey, though a bit of a wimp, is really very strong. And she accepts Della Lee in her closet, I think, because she knows Della Lee can help. Her friendship  with Chloe benefits them both in the long run, and we learn as the story progresses why Josey's mother is such a B**ch.

Ms Allen has sprinkled this story with wit, and warmth and even a bit of magic as she weaves this tale of love, friendship and family.  She assures us that there are possibilities in every day and all we need to do is be open to receive them, whether interlopers in the closet, books appearing where we might trip over them, or even mail delivered  by a seemingly uninterested man.

I needed to read this book. It was fun, it was magic.  I gave it 5 Happy Hands.

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  1. Like the story so much and love your happy hands!

  2. I like magical realism and I've been meaning to read this author's work so I'll keep the book in mind. Well done on What's In A Name so far!