Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm still here. 2/28/14 Go Away Winter!!

I haven't posted in a week!.

I 'm still reading the same 3 books as last week, so no need to post to It's Monday!What Are You Reading!
sorry Sheila .

 I didn't start a new book, so no need to post to :
Sorry Diane.

And I was in a winter doldrums slump, so I didn't even jot down any new words. So no need to post to:

Sorry Kathy 

OK, next week will be better.  We picked up two audio books at the library, and I ordered two books from Amazon. Plus I have the 3 to finish. I did get some sewing projects done and it is going to be cold again this weekend so I should get some reading accomplished. 

Wish me luck, 

Until next time

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