Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wondrous Words Wednesday are woefully wanting! #3

Wondrous Words Wednesday is hosted by BermudaOnion each week. It's an opportunity to share new words you've encountered in your reading, or highlight words that you particularly enjoy.

My reads this week have not given up any new words. I read The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith for my F2F book club, but the only unfamiliar words were English terms that I could not find in the dictionary. That said, last night we met to discuss The Cuckoo's Calling and one of our members had printed off the discussion questions from Lit Lovers.

4. Using a hard-bitten investigator assisted by an young, ambitious "Girl Friday" is a classic detective-story trope. What do you think of Robin Ellacott? What does her character bring to the story?

None of us were sure of the word:  trope

Your Dictionary on Google says:

trope - noun   the definition of trope is a figure of speech, play on words.

example: "If we don't hang together, we'll hang separately."   Ben Franklin's quotation. 

Webster's New World dictionary list several definitions: 

#2  - a common, conventional , theme, motif, style, etc. 

I think it is this definition that applies in that question. 

What about you, did you know trope?

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  1. Trope is one of those words I think I know, but when I pause to define it, my thoughts are vague. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

  2. A new one for me, thanks for sharing.