Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros #2

Every Tuesday, Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea posts the first paragraph or maybe two of her current read. Anyone can join in. Go to Diane's website for the image and share the first paragraph (or2) of the current book you are reading.

His two girls are curled together like animals whose habit is to sleep underground, in the smallest space possible. Cosima knows she's the older, even when she's unconscious: one of her arms lies over Halimeda's shoulder as if she intends to protect them both from their bad dreams. Dr. Homer Noline holds his breath, trying to see movement there in the darkness, the way he's watched pregnant women close their eyes and listen inside themselves trying to feel life. 

Animal Dreams
Barbara Kingsolver
HarperCollins Publishers

Would you read on?  I probably wouldn't based on this first paragraph, but it is an upcoming selection of my F2F book club. It is a favorite author of one of our members and she recommended it. She is a Jr High social studies teacher, so I know she is intelligent and well read. So I will read more of this when the time draws closer to it's read date. I'm sharing it with you today because it is new to my bookself. I found it by accident in the Used Section of our Hastings. It is a hardcover and it was only $5.49. Could not pass it up at that price, knowing I was going to read it anyway.

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  1. I like the intro a lot, and actually read this book 10+ years ago. Hope you enjoy it Judy.

  2. This is very interesting intro. I would definitely go on!

    Here is my post

  3. Love the intro and that cover, too; I haven't yet read this author, but I am adding it to my list. Here's MY TUESDAY POST

  4. I think I would want to know more before deciding whether I would want to read this one. I haven't read anything by this author. I tried one of her books before, but couldn't get into it. It may have just been the timing. I hope you end up enjoying it!

  5. I would read on mainly because I've wanted to read this author for awhile.

  6. I love this author, but have not read this book.

  7. I'd definitely read on — Kingsolver is an amazing author. My favorite of hers is The Poisonwood Bible. I hope you end up liking it!

    Here's my book for the week. Happy reading!

  8. Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite authors, although I haven't read this one. I do hope you like it. If you do, and want to read more, I'll suggest Bean Trees and Pigs In Heaven. I've read those two several times and still want to read them again.