Thursday, November 28, 2013

Julia's Chocolates - Two Challenge entries for the price of one

The 2013 Ebook Challenge is sponsored by Sarah at Workaday Reads. Encouraging readers to expand past just physical books to embrace ebooks in all forms, whether on Kindle, Kobo, computer, or any other reader.  The levels are below:  I signed up originally for the CD level, but have read more so am working on the DVD level. 
  1. Floppy disk – 5 ebooks
  2. CD – 10 ebooks
  3. DVD – 25 ebooks
  4. Memory stick – 50 ebooks
  5. Hard drive – 75 ebooks
  6. Server – 100 ebooks
  7. Human brain – 150 ebooks
This is the 16th book  that I have read for this challenge. 

Julia's ChocolatesJulia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I first began, I had reservations about this book. I thought the protagonist was timid, self-centered and ineffective. I knew what her ailment was and thought she should have understood and sought some help.

As the story progressed I more clearly understood who Julia was. I started to really appreciate her and her Aunt Lydia. Her small circle of friends in Golden were special in their own way too. This is a great story of friendship, love, acceptance and community. It could become one of my favorite books of 2013.

I haven't read any other Cathy Lamb novels, but I intend to in 2014.

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It also makes the 3rd book in the November Food Feast challenge. I read Caramel and Magnolias, Broken Dishes and Julia's Chocolates for that challenge. Those little mini challenges are great fun.

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