Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Titles Complete........

Winter of the World (The Century Trilogy #2)Winter of the World by Ken Follett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 Winter of the World picked up where Fall of Giantsleft off. We follow the 5 families as they enter the century of the 2nd World War. A time of great change. We learn how the economic turmoil, the rise of the Third Reich, the dramas of WWII and the atomic bomb, affected the members of these 5 families personally. The book is just as well written as Fall of Giants and I want to know what happens to these 5 families as the next century evolves.

All the ladies in this book are amazingly strong and driven women. The men live through atrocious war conditions. Each family is entwined with the other. I thought I knew about this century, but Ken Follett's research showed me that I didn't know it as well as I thought.
 This book was the summer read for my F2F book club. It took me most of 2 months, I did read other books too.

RosesRoses by Leila Meacham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Leila Meacham tells a story that is as big as the Texas setting. The stories of three generations of DuMonts, Tolivers and Warwicks, this story has passion,secrets, tragedies as well as love, honor, and respect. Following these 3 families from 1916 to 1985 provides a look into the lives of the rich and nearly rich. I, at first, did not like the main characters. Mary and Percy seemed stubborn, rebellious and clueless about the rest of the world around them. Slowly though I came to understand them. What drove them and why they made the choices that they did.

I am looking forward to reading the next part of the story in Tumbleweeds. As all good authors do, Ms Meacham left me wanting more of the story of the Tolivers and the Warwicks.

The read Roses for a Buddy read for Ladies and Literature on Goodreads. .

Friends in Deed  The Story of Quaker Social Reform in AmericaFriends in Deed  The Story of Quaker Social Reform in America by Susan Sachs Goldman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I learned some things I did not know. But it was a little like reading a history book.

This books was not what I had expected. I had hoped for more stories of the history of the Quakers. I got lots and lots of facts, not so much a story. This was the October selection of my F2F book club and was recommended after a member heard an interview with the author on NPR. She thought the interview was fascinating, but was disappointed by the book.  

This book will be added to my Non-fiction Reading Challenge. Hope the next one that I read is more enjoyable.

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  1. Nice job Judy. I enjoyed Winter of the World --so long though.

  2. I'm impressed - at least 2 of those books are chunksters!

  3. I'm glad to know Winter of the World was a well-written as Fall of Giants! I'm thinking it will be my vacation read in January.

  4. I love Ken Follett novels...

    Here is my post

  5. I am right in the middle of Winter of the World. I had to get it on my Kindle as it is such a chunkster to hold! I enjoyed Roses too. Tumbleweeds is just as enjoyable.