Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quilt Challenge #2 Saturday Snapshot 8-31

Today I have posted the photos from a Quilt Challenge I participated in last year. Earlier in August I posted the first set of pictures and explained the challenge. You can read  that post HERE. In essence, a group of quilters participated to interpret in a quilt their ideas from a quilt received from another quilter. Each one did not see the previous quilts or the beginning photograph. 

This a the photo that the first quilter received. She knew this place. It was taken by her husband of the place where they buried their beloved family pet. You can see the large piece of sandstone they used as a gravestone.
Her interpretation of the special place is to the left. She left the stone marker, and the tree, but the sky and the rest of the landscape were not a literal interpretation. 
This quilter saw a grave marker and this is her interpretation. She called it The Last Gate. There is a broken fence, a path to the hilltop hangman's tree and 3 lonely crosses marking the graves of some other unfortunate souls hanged for their sins. Even the sky is sad and ominous. 
The third quilter stated that she received The Last Gate quilt on the same week as the Sandy Hook School shooting in Connecticut. She was so sad that week that she felt like the only way to do this interpretation was to wander over the hill from the hangman's tree and find a church to pray. To know that death is not the last gate. 
The quilter who received the church says she thought of county churches, Little House on the Prairie, etc, but finally focused on the stained glass window in the church. This is her uplifting and colorful rendition of a stained glass window. 
The last quilter has recently experienced a death in her family. Her focus was on rebirth. Her faith and denomination use  a butterfly to signify rebirth and so she quilted a beautiful butterfly with silver edged wings.

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I will be away all next week. We are camping where there is no internet service. I have a new smartphone but as yet have not figured out how to use it to access the blogging world.

So until next time
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  1. Just beautiful and a true testament to the creativity within the human spirit!

  2. Very nice....very creative and talented.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  3. What an interesting idea! I think it's fascinating how different the quilts each person came up with are. They're also all very beautiful!

  4. What clever quilters. It is lovely to see their imagination, and their creative skills.

  5. Love seeing the interpretations of the quilters!

    My mom loved to quilt. Now she's gone and I wish I'd have had her teach me before it was too late.

  6. Love seeing the interpretations of the quilters!

    My mom loved to quilt. Now she's gone and I wish I'd have had her teach me before it was too late.

  7. That's some amazing work. Thanks for sharing. Here's Mine

  8. Both these quilt trails have been extraordinary! I'm quite astonished by the process, and the beauty. Well done to all of you.