Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wondrous Words Wednesday 6-26

 Wondrous Words Wednesday is hosted by BermudaOnion each week. It's an opportunity to share new words you've encountered in your reading, or highlight words that you particularly enjoy.

This week I am reading 

Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. I have not encountered any new words yet, lots of acronyms and current slang words, but not words that were new to me.  Unless you call RIFed a word. I cannot find a definition of that word, but used in the sentence and context, I think it means fired or laid off. ..."the HR woman calmly informed me that our entire team, except for those who already left for Bing and Windows Phone, were being RIFed."

Anyway, so today I went to Word Think and looked at their Word of the Day. Today's word is:

Pervicacious  adj  Stubborn, extremely willful, obstinate. "He became quite pervicacious in his old age."

I really want to use this word. I am sure I have known a two-year old or two that were very pervicacious.  I think I know a few older folks that fit that description too. 

How about you, have your encountered any new words this week?

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Good word, I know some people who are pervicacious.

  2. I too wanna use this word for a few person I know!

    Here is my Wondrous Words Wednesday post!

  3. I think that's what RIFed means too but I have no idea what the letters stand for.

    I know some middle aged men who are pervicacious as well! It's a great word!

  4. Terrific word this week, from a terrific book! (Having read the book, I should have remembered it... but I didn't.)

  5. Great word! I'm going to write it down and practice saying it, so that it sounds fluent in conversation. I've got lots of stubborn people around me! Thanks!