Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Someday, Someday, Maybe - First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros

Every Tuesday, Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea posts the first paragraph or maybe two of her current read. Anyone can join in. Go to Diane's website for the image and share the first paragraph (or2) of the current book you are reading.

Today I am sharing the first chapter, first paragraph of a new book that I "won" in a giveaway at BermudaOnion's Weblog. When Kathy reviewed it I was interested in reading it, so I entered. Voila!, Kathy  informed me that I had won and a copy would be arriving soon.  I was really excited. 

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham
Ballantine Books an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group

"Begin whenever you're ready," comes the voice from the back of the house.
Oh, I'm ready. 
After all, I've prepared for this day for years. The Day of the Most Important Audition of a Lifetime Day. Now that it's finally here, I'm going to make a good impression. I'm sure of it. I might even book the job. The thought makes me smile, and I take a deep breath, head high, body alert, but relaxed. I'm ready alright. I'm ready to speak my first line.
 "Eeesssaaheeehaa." The sound that comes out of me is thin and high, a shrill wheezing whine, like a slowly draining balloon or a drowning cat with asthma. 
What do you think, would you read on?

 Did I already say I am so looking forward to this book? I have been a fan of Lauren Graham since seeing  Evan Almighty  and watching her in  Parenthood.  

Until next time,
Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. I have this one on my wish list! I enjoy Lauren Graham in Parenthood.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  2. This one sounds like one I might enjoy. I do like the cover too. Hope you enjoy it and happy you participated this week as well.

  3. I would keep reading! I have this book on my TBR list.

  4. I'm planning to read this one soon. I got a copy early last month at a Random House Open House where the author spoke.

    Here's my Tuesday intro and teaser: http://www.bookclublibrarian.com/2013/06/first-chapter-first-paragraph-17-and.html

  5. I've heard such good things about this book. It does sound good!

  6. That made me smile. Great opening, I'd definitely keep reading.