Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Single Thread - Ebook Challenge #6 of 10

A Single ThreadA Single Thread by Marie Bostwick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evelyn Dixon finds a new life in a small Connecticut community after her husband's surprise divorce announcement sends her looking for a new beginning. Evelyn finds her new life in New Bern, and there meets 3 "angels" that come into her life to help her transition and she enters their lives as a new friend and provides each of them a new path in their lives. Yes this book is predictable, yes it has a storybook happy ending, yes maybe even a bit "sappy", but the author does explore the insecurities that happen to women at different crossroads in their lives in a sensitive caring way. As a breast cancer survivor and a quilter, I connected with Evelyn Dixon. I was not and am not as strong as she was/and is in the story, but still she gives me hope that life is out there to be lived in the most giving caring way you can.

This book is the 6th in my quest to read 10 ebooks this  year. I believe I will succeed.

Tonight is my F2F book club meeting. Our last before we break for the summer. Our May selection for discussion is Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky. I have a short review on Good reads.

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