Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Snow - Saturday Snapshot


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Out our Backdoor - Springtime in Wyoming!
I'm really ready for Spring. Come on sunshine and warm air.!!!


  1. Yup I'm ready too. I'm not as snowy as you, we have ice.

  2. Oh dear! Hope some springtime warmth comes your way soon. (But it does look pretty :-)

  3. I know, I am so ready for Spring. Go away ice and snow...please???

  4. Oh No! Enough is enough:) wishing you warmer weather soon.

  5. It was in the 60s today for the first time. Yah!

  6. We managed to drive through Wyoming when the weather was beautiful - in between storms. And Wyoming was one of my favorite states on the drive - such beautiful rocky scenery! I hope the snow is melting away and you have warm spring weather again soon!

    1. Wonder?? were you on I-90 or I-80? I-90 runs right through our city(town)...and only 1/2 mile from my house. Warmer today, sunshine and rain tomorrow.