Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First Paragraph~First Chapter Tuesday Intros 4-2

Every Tuesday, Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea posts the first paragraph or maybe two of her current read. Anyone can join in. Go to Diane's website for the image and share the first paragraph (or2) of the current book you are reading.

"But, we're in love," my stepson said, his dark chocolate eyes burning bright with the passionate angst of a nineteen-year-old male in full-blown heat. 
"Oh, Sam," I said, trying to chose my words carefully. "You're still so young." I reached down and scratched behind my dog's soft brown ears. Scout was part Labrador, part German shepherd mix with a suspected itinerant coyote grandparent. He gazed up at me with adoring ocher eyes.
"You were nineteen when you married Jack," Sam replied. 

These are the first 3 paragraphs of the 7th in the Benni Fowler Mystery Series written by Earlene Fowler. They may not have a ton of grabbing appeal, but I have raised teenagers, and my oldest granddaughter even spoke those last words to me when I told her she was still so young and she was wanting to get married. And I have read the first 6 books in the series and I am attached to Benni, her current husband Gabe and Gabe's young son Sam. So I will continue in my quest to read all books in the series. There are 15!

So would you chose this book and read on?

My challenges for the month of April are to read 4 books with travel destinations in the title. Continue on with trying to complete "a series I have started", and to keep up with the monthly suggested reads in the 2 groups I belong to on Goodreads. Plus there is always a husband to take care of, a house to dust and a quilt to construct. Yikes!!! I had better get BUSY!!!!

Until next time, 
Stay Busy and Stay Happy



  1. What fun to have a series that you love. I have teenagers too and every emotion is so intense. Here's Mine
    You could try my book, The Summer of France, for your travel destination books. http://www.amazon.com/THE-SUMMER-OF-FRANCE-ebook/dp/B009KE81FS/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1363704495&sr=8-1

  2. I'm wondering what happens so I'd probably read a bit more before deciding. kelley—the road goes ever ever on

  3. I have a son who just turned twenty so the book would appeal on that level for sure. And I love the cover.
    And I highly recommend Paulita's book The Summer of France for your travel destination book. Enjoy!

  4. With soon-to-be twenty year old twins, I get enough of this on a daily basis at home... would probably give the book a pass ;-)

  5. Nope, been there with kids...LOL not for me, but so happy that you joined in.