Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Summer in France - A Timed Book Challenge/ Ebook Challenge

Title:  The Summer of France
Author: Paulita Kincer
Published Date: 2012
Acquired:  Downloaded from Amazon
Recommend: Yes

The story captured me at the beginning with a possible work/vacation in France. Fia was a bit of a flaky character, but her motives were always in the right place. She got herself caught up in a family drama that unfolded in a mostly predictable way. I did not have the secret figured out until Fia finally figured it out. The only disappointment I felt, was the way she accepted her role as a doormat, while her family "vacationed". Also, did not like the way Fia so easily kicked her husband of 16 years to the curb. That is not the only answer when your partner is unfaithful.

Rating: 4/5 Happy Hands

This book was a download to my Kindle Fire and therefore used as part of my 2013 Ebook Challenge sponsored by Sarah at Work A Day Reads   I am a member of a group called Love of Reading on Goodreads, and the month of April there was a challenge to read 3 books with a destination in the title. This was the 2nd book I read for that challenge, the 1st being The House at Riverton, 4/5 hands and I am still reading The Mountain and the Fathers: Growing Up on the Big Dry. So far unrated, but I am leaning toward 4 hands also.

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