Friday, April 26, 2013

A confession and more

I recently finished reading a book recommended and written by a fellow blogger and that I used to fulfill a book challenge for a group I participate in on  The author of the book,  Paulita was so kind as to respond twice to my post from last Tuesday.

I really am such unknowledgeable blogger. I can't always get links to other sites to work, I don't even know how to link a review from another site, like Amazon or Goodreads. And I feel so unworthy when it comes to writing reviews. It seems most bloggers have a degree in English, or Literature or something, I graduated HS, got married and raised a family. I have always loved to read, but writing reviews intimidates me. I could sure use some pointers, if any of you have any.

I love reading all your blogs. I get to see all the different books that are out there. I get to feel a little like we are friends. I have been exposed to books I never would have picked up on my own. So, for all this I thank you.

When I started this blog, I had recently retired from work, and wanted to be able to share projects I completed, books I read, and some parts of my life. My life is in a constant flux, so sometimes I am away from my blog for days or even weeks at a time. Please know that even though there are days that I cannot share what is happening in my life, I still read and sometimes even comment. I try to stay involved in several MEMEs. My favorites are "What's in a Name 6", "First Chapter, First Paragraph Intro Tuesday", "Mailbox Monday"," Wondrous Words Wednesday" and "Snapshot Saturday".

In addition to reading, I also quilt with a group of women 2 Sundays a month, I am a member of another local quilt guild, I belong to a stitching group and a stitching club (we do hand embroidery). So my mother always said busy hands are happy hands and that is why I named my blog the same. These days I am not happy, so please forgive the "rant" an know that I am working on getting back to "happy".

Until next time,
Stay Busy and Stay Happy,

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