Monday, March 4, 2013

What's In a Name Entry for "Emotion"

Title:    Joy School  (Katie Nash #2)
Author:   Elizabeth Berg.
Published Date:   1998
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Description: ( Goodreads)
In this exquisite new novel by bestselling author Elizabeth Berg, a young woman falls in love -- and learns how sorrow can lead to an understanding of joy.

Katie has relocated to Missouri with her distant, occasionally abusive father. Her much-loved mother is dead; her new school is unaccepting of her; and her only Mends fall far short of ideal companions. When she accidentally falls through the ice while skating, she meets Jimmy.

He is handsome, far older than she, and married, but she is entranced. As their relationship unfolds, so too does Katie's awareness of the pain and intensity' first love can bring.

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                            3 out of 5  Happy Hands.

My Thoughts: Though this is a YA book, it spoke to me. I liked it just as much as Durable Goods, which is the first Katie Nash book. Even though Elizabeth Berg said she probably would not write a third book, I know now that she did. It is True to Form and I have a copy loaned to me by a friend.

This story sent me back to the time I was 13 going on 19. Katie is a soft-hearted young girl, living with her father after her mother's death and in a new town. Her dad is in the Army and a distant father at best. Her older sister has run away from home with a young man of course and so Katie is left to make new friends. She befriends a needy sheltered girl in her class, and then is befriended by a "popular" girl whose morals are questionable. Her strangest friendship of all and probably the most questionable is a friendship that develops between Katie and Jim who is 23. Each of these friendships teaches her something about life.

It is a fast read, but enjoyable.

This is my selection for the EMOTION entry for What's in a Name 6 challenge at Beth Fish Reads. Check out her sidebar for other entries and to join in the fun.

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  1. I didn't realize Elizabeth Berg has written some YA books. This sounds interesting to me.