Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ebook Challenge #3

The Park Service by Ryan Winfield. finished 2/4/13  I gave it 3 of 5 stars.

Synopsis:  Publisher - In the distant future, a pristine Earth is protected by a worldwide park service. But there’s one problem: no humans allowed.

Aubrey Van Houten just turned 15 and everything he thinks he knows is about to change. Aubrey lives five miles underground in a government facility called Holocene II where he has been taught that his people are the only survivors of a global nuclear war. Believing Earth’s surface uninhabitable, the residents of Holocene II begrudgingly live and work assigned jobs on separate subterranean levels until they can retire at 35 to a virtual reality paradise.

Aubrey aces the test that will determine his career and is called up to work at Level One—a welcome adventure for Aubrey, and an honor for his father who is soon to retire. But when a chance accident derails Aubrey’s first trip away from home, he stumbles onto the surface and discovers a real paradise off limits: a pristine planet where humans are hunted and killed by a mysterious Park Service.

Alone in a world he never dreamed existed, Aubrey must learn to survive while searching for answers to why everything he was taught is a lie

I don't normally read dystopian fiction, but there is a proliferation of it around these days. Sometimes I stumble upon it and give it a try.  The book was a feature on Good Reads so I thought I would download it. I enjoyed the story and as long as I just "went with it", and did not analyse it too much I enjoyed it. The characters were well developed. I really could feel what Aubrey was going through. The settings , though in a time we don't know, were described in a believable fashion. There is a sequel and I liked this story well enough to check  out the next one. That, I think, is what the publisher and author hope will happen when they offer a book for free or nearly free.

The author uses this story to try to tell us what he thinks may happen if we continue to use up our resources and fight with each other. He also alludes to the fact that sometimes, no matter what the circumstances, people care about each other enough to risk their own lives to save another.

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