Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I am so excited to begin 2013. My TBR list in a monster, and my actual TBR stack has my husband shaking his head. I think he thought the addition of the Kindle would make the print books go away. Silly man!

I am excited to start new reading challenges and new sewing projects challenges. It seems lately my posts have been mosted about reading, but I hope to post about both of my hobbies in the coming year. We don't have any travel plans for 2013, but I hope we get to do some. Because we have moved my MIL to our city, to an assisted/independent living facility we have that added obligation. And now my husband has decided to go back to work after 3 1/2 years of retirement. I'm not sure if he was just bored or since I retired he is tired of so much time spent with me!  I always teased him after his retirement, that retirement meant "Twice as much husband and half as much money". Maybe he was feeling the "Twice as much wife" part!.

I hope everyone has a wonder new year, and that 2013 brings all of us new adventures, new friends and new peace. 

Until Next Time

Stay Busy and Stay Happy

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  1. Have a great 2013. Sounds like you have plenty planned to keep you busy.