Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last Wednesday 2012

Earlier this week I finished The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. I loved that book!. The author wove the two different characters, and the 2 different time periods, seamlessly. I did find one word that was unfamiliar to me.

pg 391    “ ’Tis impolitic thinking that keeps me ahead of the devil, your ladyship”


adj.      not politic; unwise; injudicious; inexpedient

It is a word that is hard to say, for me at least. I would not use this word in my day to day speaking. But I'll remember it, in case I need to use it in writing.

Until next time
Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Good word. I can't see myself saying impolitic, but I agree it would be fun to use in writhing.

  2. It's hard for me to say as well. The definition makes sense but I don't think I've ever run across that word before.

  3. New and interesting word for me.

  4. Judy, great choice of word! It's a word I'd certainly stumble over more than once. Enjoy your reading!

  5. have read this word before and knew the meaning.. but i do not see myself using it as well, like Pat said..