Friday, October 5, 2012

Work Day Friday.

We woke to snow this morning. It only accumulated on the rooftops and the grass, it definitely feels like winter may be just around the corner.  This afternoon, Mr Busy and I worked at our quilt show. We set up displays, vendor areas, and hung quilts from 12:30 pm until 6:30 pm. Wow are we tired!. Tomorrow I will work at the Quilt Show all day and again on Sunday. I took a few pictures, and will take more tomorrow.
Three bed quilts on display. The pink and brown one was made by a friend of mine after winning a whole lot of fat quarters in a Right-Left-Center game played at a retreat. She had enough to make a braid quilt for the front and a scrappy back all in pink and brown-----called Chocolate Covered Strawberries. 
 The blue and yellow quilt is the graduation quilt I made for my youngest granddaughter in 2011. Luckily we visited with them in Fort Collins last weekend and Shasta allowed me to borrow it back so I could hang it in the show. The quilt is called Weaver Fever, a design by Jackie Robinson. The fabric is called " He Loves Me", designed by Jackie Robinson too. It is the first time I ever tried a mitered corner on a border.
This little wall hanging is called " One Nation Under God". I have been working on it for quite a few years, and because it was just for me, quilts for others caused me to put it on the back burner. But I decided to finish it this week, when all the political mud-slinging has made me know that we needed a reminder that we are still " One Nation Under God".  The kit was designed after 9-11 and features a prayer remembering 9-11 and all who lost their lives then.

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