Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Mountain to Organize

It is warming back up today.I have my sewing room completely a mess. I decided to clean the closet ( it's an under the stair kind of closet), after Mr. Busy and I cleaned up the garage on Monday. That job is pretty well completed. The Gold Wing is now in it's place, with a new battery to help it start when needed.  All the extra tools and stuff from the MIL house, are put away. He can even get his own vehicle in out of the cold and snow.

Now it is my turn to attack my space. YUK!. Everything is in the middle of the room.

I hope to throw away a bunch of stuff or better yet recycle it. I went to K-Mart to look for some shelving, but opted for 3 totes on sale. I want to get rid of the cardboard boxes. Mr. Busy's cat, crawls back in the closet and his favorite pastime is shredding the cardboard boxes.  BAD KITTY!!.

So  plastic totes should stop that nonsense!. This is the second day with my DH gone. I hoped to be farther along with this project....but I get tired too easily lately. Getting old!. I will work on it more this evening and tomorrow. I am trying to make a list of what is at the back of the closet and also what I get rid of. I have been know to agonize over not being able to find something I used to have and can't remember giving it away or taking it to Good Will.  A little OCD?????

My under the stairs closet also is home to all the holiday decor. So it will be a good time to check on the Thanksgiving decorations and the selected Christmas stuff. Last year we did not get any of them out because we were in Arizona for December and January. I have already found Christmas candles that my sister made, some crocheted snowmen that were a gift from a sorority sister many years ago. I can't part with those treasures, so back in the closet they go!.

Well, I best be off to more sorting so I can even find my sewing machine.

Until later,
Stay Busy, Stay Happy


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