Monday, August 6, 2012

Mailbox Monday August

 Mailbox Monday is hosted in August by Jennifer D. at 5 Minutes for Books. I was excited to receive
It was the July read for 

a group I belong to on Goodreads. I had a kind of busy ( not all in a good way) July, so did not get it purchased before the middle of July. So it arrived from Amazon , last Saturday the 4th of August.  Hopefully I will get it read in time to enter in the discussion at L&L. I am a bit more than half way through Fall of Giants, the summer reading selection for my local book club, and still haven't even begun to work on the summer challenge at Reading Writers.  Aw, well, I will keep on keeping on!. I could not find the regular copy of  A Good American at our library, so I checked out the audiobook. It's the August selection on Ladies and Literature. Maybe I can be reading(listening to) 3 books at once!!! Yikes, that would be a first for me!.

Yesterday, I sewed with the Quilt Chicks. A group of my BFF's  that sew and also read.  We spend time stitching, working on our own quilts, eating snacks and general gossiping and catching up. What a great group of gals.   Also Saturday, I sat in a booth at our county fair to sell tickets for an opportunity quilt for the NEW Quilt Show.

This is a picture of the quilt, from my phone camera.  It is called Scrappy Log Cabin and it is very popular. We have sold a lot of tickets and will continue to sell them right up until October.


  1. A beautiful quilt.

  2. Nice quilt....adorable photo for your Mailbox Monday post. Is that your daughter or relative?


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  3. Lovely quilt! Loved 'The Life of Pi'