Sunday, August 26, 2012

Alone Again Sunday

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This week I was by myself on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and now most of Sunday. My DH is working on getting his mother's house ready to sell. I thought I would get bunches accomplished. But I did not. I got to my water aerobics class everyday except Friday morning. I did household chores. We have company coming next weekend. So I need to spiff up the guest bedroom and make sure the guest bathroom is presentable. I read, and was on the internet. Thursday however I did bake.  That is unusual for me at this time. I used to bake all the time, but now with just 2 of us, I don't do it as much.  A friend gave me some zucchini, so I decided to make zucchini bread. I grated one of the squash that she gave me and got 4 cups. My recipe called for 2 cups of grated zucchini to make 2 loaves. So I froze the remainder. Then Friday, when I was expecting my DH home, I looked for a Zucchini Casserole recipe online. I finally decided on one from the Food Network.  Neely's Zucchini Gratin. Since I usually tweek recipes as I go, I cut the garlic down, only used 1/2 an onion, 1 large zucchini cut in bite-size slices, and yellow cheddar mixed with asiago cheese.  It was really good. I don't have a picture of the casserole, but should have taken one, because it was pretty to look at too.

Here is a picture I took of one of the loaves of bread, the remaining 2 zucchini I had left and 5 new books in my house this week.  Calico Joe by John Grosham,  The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey, both library finds. Cinder by Marissa Meyers( a traveling book from Ladies and Literature at Goodreads), Something Borrowed  by Emily Griffith and Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich ( those 2 from the book store). Although after taking the picture I realized I had already read Two for the Dough, so I have since taken it back to the bookstore and exchanged it for Four to Score by Janet Evanovitch.  They did not have Three to get Deadly. I'll have to check that on from the library.  What could be better than homemade bread, and 5 new reads!!!  No One Thing!!!!

Till Next Time
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  1. Perfect! Fresh veggies, yummy sweet bread, and books! I've been meaning to read Cinder.

  2. this time of year, a lot of folks looking for ways to use them zukes!

  3. That zucchini gratin sounds delicious, and the bread looks good too. Happy reading!

  4. I am definitely making the Zucchini Gratin, and I love your photo of the books with your bread.

  5. Sounds great! Books and all!