Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Week in Review

Monday morning I was again in the pool. It is sooo hard to get up now that it is dark at 4:50am.  I love how I feel when I am finished, but it is hard to get going. 

Tuesday was a day of appointments and meetings. Went to AVBP office to sign checks, and visit with former work mates. Then there was our August PPQG meeting. One of our members had a quilt that she made using some of her mother's doilies.  She had another one at our annual quilt convention, she won 1st place in the quilt show. I wish I had taken a picture of that one too, but here is the one she had at our meeting. 

Notice the orange doily. The colors she used are black, brown, purple, golds. It is amazing, she was putting a scalloped border and edge on it at the meeting. 

Later Tuesday afternoon, I attended a meeting of the N.E.W. Quilt Show committee. We hashed out a few
problems and then I hurried to a GWRRA motorcycle group meeting.  WHEW!!

Wednesday, was a day of cleaning. Mr. Busy worked in the garage, trying to clear out more stuff, so we have room for his mom's stuff. I spent most of the day in my sewing room. Just when I think I have it under control, I get overwhelmed and QUIT. So now I need to get back in there and get a handle on the organization of the mess!

Today, Thursday, I got my Bernina ready to go to the shop in RC. It is time for a good going over. Cleaning and checking the needle threader. We are going over again tomorrow to check on getting the wood floors refinished in Mr. Busy's moms house. We have spent on ton on gas going back and forth. Good things, we will listen to more chapter of A Good American audio CD, and I will get to see my sister for a minute. 

We will be back Friday night, tired but hopefully with a floor finisher hired. 

Till next time,


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