Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Reading Challenge-No Mailbox Loot - Finished Quilt

I have joined a Summer Reading Challenge hosted by  Reading Writers . Yesterday, Sunday, I read #1. An unfamiliar genre. I picked one REALLY outside my comfort zone.  Graphic Fiction.  A friend loaned me a copy of Tales of the Vampires ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic #2). My kids watched Buffy on TV when it was on and I thought,"how bad can it be?"  Well, I can tell is bad!!!! I read it, but it was awful. Not so scary or horrific as stupid and pointless.  All I can say is 1 down 7-9 to go. Hopefully I'll make it to the bonus titles. If not by August, I will continue as they are titles I want to read.

I don't get books in my Mailbox unless I order them, and I am trying to read what I already have on my TBR shelf. So I don't have a Mailbox Monday today. Mr. Busy mowed the lawn this morning before it got hot. I did a bit of trimming, then we ran some errands. Bought a birthday card for our brother-in-law. Not that he isn't worth it, but yikes the card was $7.95. It was one of those singing types. Then it required another $1.95 to mail it because it was over the 1/4" depth limit of the USPS. Like I said, he worth the 10 bucks, but you no longer can send "just a card" and feel guilty!!!  Also mailed the quilt to DGD in Colorado.
The quilting was done by a friend and it is awesome. All batiks, some have leaves, some ferns, some geese, elk and evergreen trees. The colors are blues and browns. It is a design called Shadowbox from Mountain Peak Creations, in Centennial Colorado. I love it and I hope she does too.

Until next time
Stay Busy and Stay Happy

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