Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Beautiful Ranch A, Wyoming
2012 Quilt Chicks Annual Retreat

OK...I did not post while at the retreat. There was promised a WiFi connection.  It was so sporadic that I barely got an email off to DH to tell him I arrived safely. There is no cell service there either. That makes for good quilting time, and reading time.  No interruptions from outsiders.  However, my quilting buddies are great at keeping me busy, so I may have not posted even had there been a decent internet connections. I have some pictures. 

This is my "Jelly Jive"quilt, made from a Jelly roll I thought I liked.
I am not in love with it, but I received several suggestions for salvaging it to make it "awesome"
Marva is designing her "Tangled Threads" kit that she purchased last year at our Quilt show.
She had it all cut, but got it totally pieced at retreat!  Way to go Marva!

Marva working on collapsible trash bag
Linda H concentrating on her trash bag

Linda W and June at their stations

Deb and Zana working on their trash bags.

Sandy showing Jenn how to hand stitch the bottom to the top
Are you jealous yet, of our awesome weekend away?

The weather was fabulous and the food was superb.  We all cooked at different times, so we could sew, sew, sew. 

I got most of my SUMMER wall hanging complete, but was missing one white 2 X 3.5 inch rectangle.  Wonder if I just forgot to cut the 4th one or if it got lost?  No matter, will cut another this week and complete it. Will post a picture then.

Until then,
Stay Busy, Stay Happy


  1. What a beautiful place! I'm sure everyone had a great time!

  2. Wow does this look like a beautiful place for a quilt retreat!