Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marvelous Monday Two

Seems Monday is my posting day. I was going to sit here on Saturday. It was drizzling and wet all day. In fact there was snow. But I didn't post. I find myself lurking around other Blogs. Reading my current book. Whatever else that I can piddle at. I am slowly getting better as far as the coughing and other symptoms go.  DD said it would be 14 days and she was right.

Yesterday we went to breakfast with D&J. No one else was there. We had a good visit and then just came home. It was kind of chilly, but sunny. Typical for April instead of the 80's we had earlier in the month. I finished sewing all the strips for the Jelly Jive quilt. I put it on my design wall and I do NOT like it. I put the money for the WSQG raffle quilt in an envelope to the treasurer and wrote a letter to Drew.

I am looking forward to Stitchin Club tomorrow night. I will try to remember my camera to take pictures of everyone's progress on their stitching projects. Today I also rearranged the Jelly Jive strips and then asked DH his opinion. He does not like it either. I think it is quite a jumble of colors and fabric. Way outside of my comfort zone. I numbered all the strips and took it down in order. I will take it to Ranch A for input from my quilting buddies. I will tell them to be brutal.

It is now 5pm and DH is playing XBOX again. I lay down to take a nap,and poof he is at the game console. I  hate it.  I am so tired of gun fire and yelling that I  could scream.   OK , so much for my rant.  I must just let it go, really let it go.

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