Monday, April 23, 2012

Marvelous Monday

It is a fabulous day outside today.  81degrees as I am writing and it is 5:19 pm.  I am feeling much improved today. Yesterday I washed my towel that was stitched with a Bird Brain Design of a silly bird. I used some floss that had been in my mom's sewing stuff. I did not even think to test it for colorfastness. Big mistake. When I washed the Solvy away all looked all right and I hung it over the towel bar in the front bathroom.  This morning it faded all around the red work design. I was sick. So I washed it again with a color catcher sheet. Helped a bit, but as you can see, not all is well.

Guess you can't see the color bleed in this picture. It is faint...but I know it is there!  

Anyway, I cut up the towel in preparation to make a tote from it and another towel to match.  As I searched through my stash for some fabric for lining, I decided on a dark red gingham, but it had not been washed as the towels had.  So I stopped to prewash that.  It has been of day of the "but firsts"!!!.  The gingham is drying on my ironing board. Tomorrow I will start again.

I am still reading Escape by Carolyn Jessop.  It is an interesting story of her escape from the FLDS community in northern Arizona.

I am continuing to "drink more water" and rest some.  Tonight is "Dancing With the Stars". I wish I could decide on a favorite.  They are all so good this year.

Until next time

Stay Busy!!


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