Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Last night I finished reading Remedies by Kate Ledger. It is on the 2009 list for the Amy Einhorn Challenge. I enjoyed the book, thought the subject matter was a bit close to home. The unraveling of a marriage. The characters though not so likable were believable. It is correct in noting that lack of communication and little things are what begins to destroy a marriage.  It was one of the book borrowed from our library when I couldn't find The Bungalow for my What's in a Name 5 Challenge. Still have not found the book, at the library or at Hastings. So yesterday I used by birthday gift certificate from S&R to order it from Amazon.

Today we have breakfast with friends planned and then I will do a project in my sewing room. No big dinner plans, S&R invited us to Ft. Collins, but with gas prices so high, we decided not to travel. We will just try to enjoy each other. Lately that has been good.


  1. Hi Judy! We had a rather quiet Easter, but it was nice. :)

  2. We had a nice Easter with the kids, have fun with your sewing project!