Monday, April 23, 2012

Marvelous Monday

It is a fabulous day outside today.  81degrees as I am writing and it is 5:19 pm.  I am feeling much improved today. Yesterday I washed my towel that was stitched with a Bird Brain Design of a silly bird. I used some floss that had been in my mom's sewing stuff. I did not even think to test it for colorfastness. Big mistake. When I washed the Solvy away all looked all right and I hung it over the towel bar in the front bathroom.  This morning it faded all around the red work design. I was sick. So I washed it again with a color catcher sheet. Helped a bit, but as you can see, not all is well.

Guess you can't see the color bleed in this picture. It is faint...but I know it is there!  

Anyway, I cut up the towel in preparation to make a tote from it and another towel to match.  As I searched through my stash for some fabric for lining, I decided on a dark red gingham, but it had not been washed as the towels had.  So I stopped to prewash that.  It has been of day of the "but firsts"!!!.  The gingham is drying on my ironing board. Tomorrow I will start again.

I am still reading Escape by Carolyn Jessop.  It is an interesting story of her escape from the FLDS community in northern Arizona.

I am continuing to "drink more water" and rest some.  Tonight is "Dancing With the Stars". I wish I could decide on a favorite.  They are all so good this year.

Until next time

Stay Busy!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm OK

It's been 10 days since I posted last.  I have been busy. I went to the Prairie Points QG April Meeting.  We made "Flying Geese" 2 different ways.  Norma had cut all the fabric, then the finished blocks were given away by drawing of names. The purple ones were added to a square to make a block, the ones on the 2nd table were "folded flying geese"  I think it is a Ricky Tims method.

Sunday I sewed with the Quilting Chicks.  We had a great time and some of us filled out the forms for Quilt Wyoming that will be in July in Sheridan.  It's going to be so much fun.

I finished reading No, I Don't Want to Join a Book Club. A Diary of the Sixtieth Year by Virginia Ironsides.

Then I started  The Red Tent by Anita Diamant on the 16th. I got home from my Water Aerobics class feeling pretty good and then continued to feel worse and worse. Chest congestion, but no aches or fever. By Tuesday morning, I was really feeling crummy, and even today not much better. I did go get some Mucinex DM. At least it helps me sleep without keeping DH awake with my coughing and hacking. I have drunk tea, lemonade, coffee, coke, and tons of water.  I did however finish reading
I liked it, though some members of Page Turners acted like they did not. I didn't have the courage to ask about it.  I am just getting to know them.

I don't know my Bible well enough to dispute the story. But I enjoyed the story and really got involved in the characters.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

another week gone

Wow,I cannot believe it has been almost a week since I posted here. I have been checking out other blogs, attended my quilt guild monthly meeting and have recently tried to update my goodreads page. I wish I had kept a reading diary. I started several, but never continued. Hopefully the Goodreads page will help keep me on track.

I just finished Jellico Road.  It was a Staff Pick in the YA section of our library..Though it was slow going at first, as soon as I figured the story within the story and sorted out the characters it as really good. I wanted to continue til I was finished, but it was at times intense and I needed to have some space to digest it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Last night I finished reading Remedies by Kate Ledger. It is on the 2009 list for the Amy Einhorn Challenge. I enjoyed the book, thought the subject matter was a bit close to home. The unraveling of a marriage. The characters though not so likable were believable. It is correct in noting that lack of communication and little things are what begins to destroy a marriage.  It was one of the book borrowed from our library when I couldn't find The Bungalow for my What's in a Name 5 Challenge. Still have not found the book, at the library or at Hastings. So yesterday I used by birthday gift certificate from S&R to order it from Amazon.

Today we have breakfast with friends planned and then I will do a project in my sewing room. No big dinner plans, S&R invited us to Ft. Collins, but with gas prices so high, we decided not to travel. We will just try to enjoy each other. Lately that has been good.

March is Over, April is Next

March is over, and it went out like a lamb.  So very warm for Wyoming in March. Hope that doesn't mean April will be cold and snowy. Trees have leafed out, my rhubarb is up and unfurled. The garden looks like it needs to be readied for seed, but I know it is way to early. Maybe I will plant seeds in pots this year to get a head start. Last Sunday after breakfast with friends, I went to Sunday Sew.  We did some planning for our annual Ranch A Retreat. It is planned for Mothers Day weekend and I can hardly wait.

I finished all 12 comfort blocks for my guild. Gathered supplies to finish the borders on DGD KFK's quilt and should be able to start piecing leftover fabric for the backing. It takes 5 yards and I have a ton of $$ in it already. Besides, I need to use up fabric if I can. I bought 3 yards of fabric, thinking I could use up the extra fabric I had. Well, much piecing  and measuring and measuring later, it is finished a ready to go to the quilter.

Tuesday, I had "Stitchin Club". We had a good turnout again, I was going to take pictures, but forgot my camera. I must get in the habit of making sure I have it along. I had finished my dishtowel. There were several members that had and lots of variations. It was fun to see the differences, just green thread, or multicolored, 2 strands or 3. Everyone had a different interpretation.

Last week I was in the pool, 4 out of the 5 days.  Wednesday, I didn't wake before the alarm at 4:50am and I was sleeping so well ( which is very unusual for me) that I turned off the alarm and stayed in bed. It is still really dark at 5AM and hard to get up. When we did get up, we had breakfast and then, Mr. Busy( DH) helped me clean. He said he would help me, if we set up a specific day.

Thursday we shopped for groceries, books, and got our taxes done. Yesterday we went to the library, the office supply store and the big box home improvement store. Mr. Busy is trying to get his build room organized and decided to build a rack for balsa wood. He is still working on it today (Sat) but is whistling, so I know he is happy.