Sunday, March 25, 2012

Small Town Library

I always was proud of our library here in Campbell County Wyoming. But today I am disappointed. I went to check out The Bungalow by Sarah Jio.  They don't have it.  So I had a list of Amy Einhorn Imprint books for another challenge I am doing.  I found 1 on the list I had with me.  Remedies by Kate Ledger. So today I will start the reading Remedies.  I will go with a more complete list next time and guess I will make my way to Hastings to purchase Sarah Jio's book.  I love owning books, but was trying to cut down on expenses.  I will keep trying, I will probably have to have a list of those imprint books published in 2009 or 2010.  Maybe they will have those.

Today I also worked on some heart blocks for PPQG comfort blocks. I found a kinda squishy wooden heart I purchased long ago. It has 2 holes in the middle for maybe a ribbon or such.  So I cut out a pink print and as I looked at my ribbon stash, realized the 1/4 inch ribbon was probably too fat. So I have 2 shades of yellow, blue, green of 1/8 " ribbon.  I had a piece of white for the pink block. It turned out cute. So off I went to "Wally World" to buy 1/8 " ribbon. They were out of white.  Small town syndrome again.  I bought light pink, dark pink, and red.  $.47 each.  I tossed them in my purse with the receipt, and when I got out to the car, put them in with the fat quarters I had purchase at LQS.   Went to put away, all the fat quarters where in the bag, only the light pink and red ribbon was there. I looked in the car ( 4X) under the seat, everywhere.  NADA.  makes me so mad.!!!!

I did get one more pink heart done, and a lavender one, which I tied with 1/4" white ribbon, but it's not as nice.  Guess I will cut out other hearts in coordinating colors for the ribbon I have.  Want to have 12 done by our guild meeting on the 2nd Tuesday.

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  1. What sweet hearts blocks! The ribbons are adorable on them!