Friday, March 30, 2012

Lost is Found Friday

If you read my post from the 25th,  you'll remember that I was lamenting misplacing  losing a roll of ribbon somewhere between the store and my sewing room.  Well, today I found it!  Yea!  It had rolled away and was behind the door to my sewing room.  I hardly ever look behind the door, just shut it on the mess  "ha".   Today I was chilly, my sewing room is in the basement, and sometimes I stash a long- sleeved shirt on the doorknob.  My shirt was not there  ( can you say 'senior moment"), but there was the roll of dark pink ribbon.  So glad I had not made a special trip back to our local big box discount store to purchase another!.  So now I will finish the comfort blocks for my quilt guild.

Also finished reading a book picked up at the library. It is a new 2012 published book. " First You Try Everything" by Jane McCafferty. I do NOT recommend it. The book was difficult to read, the character not easy to like and I cannot ( even though I feel a bit crazy myself at times) believe anyone can be that "off the wall". Dumb Dumb Dumb.  I have started reading "Watermelon" by Marian Keyes. Picked up at the library too.
I sometimes pick up a book by it's cover. This one had a recommendation on the cover written by Nora Roberts, and since I have read a ton of her books, I chose this one.  Same premise, so far, as the first one. Husband leaves wife......what's with that!!!!!  Will continue with this one and see where  it goes.

Happy Friday,

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