Sunday, March 4, 2012

I've Been Lurking!

Haven't been posting lately.  Trying to stay focused and able maintain a good attitude.  I had a few days of the "funk".  But got back to the gym, and my recent quilt project. That helped a whole lot.  This week I have a scheduled hair color and will get my toenails done.  Have to have color on my toenails if I am going to wear sandals.  I need to make a packing list.  I am not taking my laptop on vacation, so will finish up all my WWF games and then not start another until after the 18th.  I decorated a bit for St. Patricks.  I have Bunco here when we return, so have to have that ready. What to serve......I'll have to think!. I am rambling!!!!

I have been reading though. I just finished the 4th in a Reading Challenge on Beth Fish Reads 5. I read "Two for the Dough" by Janet Evonovich to complete the challenge of "something you would carry in a pocket, purseor backpack" I enjoyed the book as I did the first in the series. Stephanie Plum is a 'crazy girl'.  I cannot figure out how to link blog to the reading challenge. So hopefully anyone interested can look and see what I have read. I also posted a comment on the Beth Fish Read linkup site.  This blogging is a challenge and interesting all at the same time.

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