Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Terrible Tuesday or Terrific Tuesday

It's all a state of mind I guess. I am feeling "uck" today. It is grey outside. Snowing lightly and not even very pretty. I finished my next book for Page Turners.  Death Along the Spirit Road by C. E. Wendleboe.  He is a local author and will be a our next meeting in March.  Hope my book order comes today. I need to read.
checked out the LoseIt website. DD is doing it and suggested it.  Since it is free, it would save some $$ over WW.  So I'll check it out for March and see.
I sewed some sashings on KFK's quilt. It is looking good, but of course I always have matching issues.  Each row is a bit off from the next. I am measuring the row and the sashing and hopefully all are 68".."smile" Should I add a picture here?  Might be a good idea.

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