Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Invited to breakfast with friends from the Sagehoppers. DH flies RC airplanes so that is another set of friends. We have spent today just "hanging out"  Started a puzzle of WWII aircraft. Will save it and hang is DH's build room. I'll try to get a picture when we finish.
It has been enjoyable to just spend time together.

I am reading a book for a Book Club that I have been invited to attend. Very compelling and sad. Night Road by Kristin Hannah. I am enjoying it though.

Also took a nap. That is becoming quite a habit since we returned home to retirement. *smile*

Now back to the game.  The Patriots are ahead.  Go Giants.......don't really have a favorite, but am not fond of the coaching staff for the New England. So I guess I am rooting for New York. Half-time show was pretty impressive. Madonna did a great job and "no" wardrobe malfunction or anything related to that.    NYG 15   NE 17  4th qtr  13:18    Come on Giants. !!!!! Go Eli!

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